Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spotted: Sasquatch Pretzels in SW Portland

While I haven't spotted Bigfoot in Portland...yet, after my recent visit to Sasquatch, I may have just discovered my new favorite pretzel. A family-owned brew-pub located off SW Capitol Highway  has created a delicious, home-made, slightly salted pretzel, drizzled in honey and served with their very own house mustard. While not a huge fan of mustard, I was pleased with the way the mustard dipping sauce complimented the sweet and salty taste of the honey-covered pretzel, and to top it off the soft buttery consistency of the dough just made it that much more delicious.

I was also thoroughly impressed with their grass-fed burger and gluten-free french fries. Their mission to support local sustainable farmers just makes their menu even better, and o so very Portland. It also makes me feel somewhat better about eating a pretzel and a burger...

To top off the experience, our waitress, Emily, and waiter, Alex, were hospitable, friendly, and made our evening that much more enjoyable. For a place that prides themselves on providing a great environment for family and friends to get together and enjoy delicious food and beer, my friends and I can attest that they live up to their promises.

Rest assured I will be going back, and might just have to partake in another pretzel...

Sasquatch Pretzel gets 4 full twists!