Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Not so Lucky Labrador afterall...

My family was visiting Portland for Memorial Day weekend, and what better way to celebrate this holiday than with a pretzel? While we were shopping on Hawthorne, my sisters and dad and I decided to check out the closest place with a pretzel on their menu. Low and behold we stumbled upon Lucky Labrador Brewing Company. Given we were all hungry, a pretzel sounded like the perfect thing to hold us over until dinner.
Little did we know by pretzel, they actually meant a snack size bowl of hard pretzels...the kind you get out of a bag at a grocery store. FAIL. I am pretty sure for $1.50 I could get a giant size bag of Rold Gold tiny twists, which might even be tastier. 

To top it off, the waiters were slow, unhappy, and to be honest rude. I find myself to be a pretty upbeat person, but as my friend would say these people were "fun sponges" and it definitely confirmed that I will not be going back anytime soon. I suppose if you want a nice, open environment and aren't in any sort of hurry, feel free to check it out, but I can identify at least 12 other places that have better service, food, and most importantly soft Bavarian style pretzels to go with your beer of choice.

Lucky Labrador didn't even come close to a