Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hopworks Pint-"O"-Pretzels is OK

It is rare that I dislike the pretzels I eat, but the "Pint-O-Pretzels" at Hopworks on SE Powell definitely didn't blow me away. The house made beer pretzel is served in a Hopworks pint glass, which I will admit is pretty cool, but as far as the actual pretzels go - not so impressed. Think: salt-less bread-sticks. If I were to change one thing to make them better it would be to add more salt. However, in Hopworks' defense my waitress did inform me that over the years a lot of their customers prefer limited salt. Plus, they are pre-salted so the chef's don't have a lot of control apparently...

The only saving grace? Their HUB Lager mustard and cheese sauce. Now that was delicious. The waitress even gave me an extra cheese sauce to take with me and my left over pretzels.

Just because I am not a fan of this Pint-O-Pretzels, doesn't necessarily mean I don't recommend others try it. In fact, I would say that people should probably try it as I am finding out more and more that I might have an excessive affinity for salt, and some are just not salt people. Plus Hopworks is a pretty cool place and one of Portland's first Eco-Brewpubs. I am a fan of their Bike Bar on N. Williams.

If you are still a bit skeptical after reading this post you can always try this pretzel for a dollar cheaper during their Happy Hour (3-6 daily, 9-close Sunday-Thursday and 10-close Friday-Saturday.) If you do, tweet @PDXPretzels and let me know what you think.

Pint-O-Pretzels is OK...saving grace? HUB Lager mustard and cheese dips 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thirsty Lion makes me Hungry.

I stumbled into Thirsty Lion Pub and Grill in downtown Portland this past weekend and was delighted to receive a pretzel...on the house! Everyone always says that its good to know people in the right places and as a pretzel lover, this phrase has never meant so much to me as it did this weekend.

This is not the first time I have enjoyed Thirsty Lion's Beer Fondue & Oven Baked Soft Pretzel. In fact, I believe this was one of the first pretzels I tried in Portland and also probably the third time I have eaten it.

Thirsty Lion Beer Fondue & Oven Baked Soft Pretzel

So what makes it so good? First off, it is always served hot with the perfect amount of salt and comes with wait for it...pale ale fondue dipping sauce. I am a fan. I think my only slight complaint about the pretzel would be that it is a bit buttery/oily for my taste and some bites become overpowered by the fondue sauce (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, just depends on your preference.) Obviously, those factors don't stop me from finishing the whole thing (occasionally with help from friends.)

If you don't live, work or play in downtown Portland often and still want to enjoy what Thirsty Lion has to offer, you're in luck as there is also a Washington Square location.

Special thanks to the manager of Thirsty Lion for making it possible for me to post this pretzel review with pride (because young reviewers get overly excited about getting things free-of-charge) and for my bouncer friend who kept all the crazies out and allowed me to enjoy my pretzel in peace.