Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brix Burger + Pretzel Bun

It's funny how what we are looking for is sometimes right in front of us. This past week I was at Brix Tavern in the Pearl, 13th NW Hoyt (a place I have been to several times since I moved to Portland) only to discover that this whole time their Brix Burger consists of house crafted ground short rib on a pretzel bun!

Naturally I ordered it. 

I would have to say that while I prefer salt on my pretzels, the pretzel bun didn't need it. It was exceptionally soft and tasted as if at one point it might have had a little salt, but didn't need it anymore. I think I probably ate more of the bun than the actual burger, but I suppose that wouldn't be surprising to many. 

Brix Burger served on a pretzel bun. Enough said. 

If you're feeling your pretzel craving kick in but want more of a meal, I highly recommend giving this Brix burger a go. 

On a non-pretzel related note I am also quite obsessed with Brix Chips as well. I mean who can pass up verde roasted pork shoulder/baked cheddar in a skillet served with grilled tomato salsa and cilantro cream and tortilla chips on the side? Not me. You can get them for $6.95 during their Happy Hour (everyday 3-6:30 PM, Monday's 3-close, Sun-Thursday 9:30 PM - 12 AM). 

Dr. "L" Riesling is also quite good. 

Have I given you enough reasons to check out Brix Tavern? If not, let me know  @PDXPretzels and I will give you even more reasons to check them out.