Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wetzels Pretzels

Wetzel's Original Pretzel gets "Three Twists" 

Although Wetzel's Pretzels isn't just in Portland, I figured if I eat in Portland it counts, right? I have decided to do some pretzel posts about some "main stream" places dedicated to pretzels - namely, Wetzel's Pretzels and Auntie Anne's, and others as they come (aka while I am at Target, because let's face it Target has everything). First up, Wetzel's Pretzels, although I technically tried my first Wetzel Pretzel at the Bridgeport location, they also have one at Lloyd Center in Portland - and for those U of O fans, there is one located in Eugene, OR too. Greatest things about chains is that you can count on the food to taste the same no matter the location.
For consistency sake, I tried the original pretzel and I must say it was delicious. I think the salt topped it off (as it tends to do) and even though it was a bit buttery/greasy, I wouldn't expect anything else. If you're doing some shopping at Bridgeport or on your way to a movie it is conveniently placed to tempt your taste buds. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

OctoberFeast - Not So "Premier"

OctoberFeast Pretzels get "no twists"
I was visiting my sisters this past weekend in California, so naturally we tried to find the "best" pretzel in Berkeley. For the record, Berkeley might be known for a lot of things, but pretzels aren't one of them. The first option  (and most touted bakery), Gaumenkitzel, was closed on Mondays, so we went with the second option: OctoberFeast Bakery.

While it seemed to be a cute little bakery, claiming to be the "premier Bavarian bakery on the West Coast" with all different types of Bavarian breads, it quickly became a not so exciting experience. The only pretzels they had...were the ones on display. The best she could do was suggest I try the croissant as it tasted "sort of like a pretzel" while she was right in that it had a bit of  a pretzel-like taste, it wasn't the same and the croissant was not great enough to want it again. I am not even sure extra salt and cheese-sauce on the side would make me change my mind on this one.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Deschutes Pretzels, are De-lish.

Deschutes get a "four full twists

Occupying a former auto body shop, Portland's Deschutes Brewery, located in the Pearl District (210 NW 11th), has a lot of appeal - and so do their pretzels. I won't lie, this isn't my first time to Deschutes, as I had the privileged of going here the first time this summer with a friend, but for consistency sake I thought I should go again to ensure I got my pretzel rating right. Their Brewery pretzel is served with a delicious "creamy white cheese and Black Butte Porter stone ground mustard" and although it is a bit pricey (compared to some pretzels at $7.50) the dipping sauce combined with the buttery, salty croissant like pretzel is simply irresistible. Deschutes is not just a Portland pub, as they have locations in several states in the U.S (primarily west coast and mid-west, although sadly not in Oklahoma). So for my family in California and Texas, if you're reading this post - make a date night at Deschutes!