Friday, December 30, 2011

simply salted.

Gustav's pretzels get "four full twists"

Portland is well known for micro-brews, but what about pretzels?

Portland Pretzels is a blog dedicated to discovering places in Portland, OR with the best pretzels (well at least according to a girl who loves pretzels). It might not be the healthiest snack, but who doesn’t love a little carb with a little salt every now and then?
First up: Gustav’s, a quaint little German brew pub, located in both Tigard and NE Portland, gets a FULL TWIST in my book. Not only is this pretzel the perfect consistency, but it had just enough salt and came out warm. To top it off, there was a delicious, mustard-cheese dipping sauce that was, for lack of a better word,yummy. If you like mustard, they also provided 3 different types of mustard (the spiciest one is VERY spicy, so handle with caution.)
stay tuned…