Sunday, April 15, 2012

Prost! Pretzels!

 For those looking for little German style pub, look no further than Prost! This quaint little Portland brew pub, located in the Mississippi district (4237 N Mississippi Ave), is a fun place to go with friends, and for pretzels! In fact, while I recognize most Portlanders probably don't obsess over these salty little carbs as much as I do, mostly every Portlander can attest that Prost! pretzels are a must have - even if you're too full from 'bier'.

The spicy mustard is really spicy (somewhat like wasabi), and instead of putting salt all over the pretzel they actually have it on the side so each bite can have as much (or as little) salt as your taste-buds desire. I definitely recommend going to Prost! if not for the pretzels, for the atmosphere.

4 Twists for Prost!