Saturday, March 10, 2012

You have a pretzel blog?

Today I wanted to take a moment to capture the reaction people have when I try to spread the word about Portland Pretzels. It goes a little something like this:

Me: (at the right moment/out of the blue in a new setting) "You should follow my pretzel blog"

Them: "Huh? You have a" (silence) "Does Portland even have pretzels?"

Me: "Yes, a lot of places actually and I review them"

Them: "weird" (laughter) "what is the you just talk about how much salt it has?"

....Hooked! The next thing I know they are reading my blog and/or trying to follow it. Although I don't expect any other reaction, it never gets old at how predictable (and confused) people's reactions are. Fortunately for me I live in Portland now, so 'weird' is definitely not something that drives people away.

My next post will be a pretzel review, don't you fret!