Monday, June 17, 2013

Starbucks is now serving Bavarian Pretzels!

Stoneground Dijon
Bavarian Style Pretzel
Starbucks is practically on every corner. In fact, in Portland alone there are at least 30 Starbucks locations throughout the metro-area - some of my favorites include the one in The Pearl and the one in Sellwood. So you can imagine my excitement when even Starbucks decided pretzels were a hot commodity too! 

They are now offering an Asiago & Cheddar, Bavarian style pretzel - with the cheddar melted perfectly inside the pretzel - and a Stoneground Dijon, Bavarian style pretzel - Dijon melted inside as well! I must say I was taken aback when I realized the mustard was inside of the pretzel, a very unique twist for coffee lovers on the go. 

While I imagine there is some debate/preference on which pretzel is better, I will have to say that the Asiago & Cheddar one wins in my book.

Next time you head to Starbucks to get that morning coffee, grab a pretzel and let me know on Twitter - @PDXPretzels - which salty carb you prefer!

Asiago & Cheddar, Bavarian Style Pretzel @Starbucks