Monday, May 6, 2013

A Breakdown of National Pretzel Day 2013: Breakside Brewery

If there is one random holiday to celebrate, National Pretzel Day is a solid choice. This year I started out by treating my lovely Waggener Edstrom co-workers to Nuvrei's salt and cheddar pretzel bagels. What better way to start a Friday? To top off my morning, one of my co-workers bought me a Pretzel Day shirt!

After work, my friends and I then met up at Breakside Brewery to try out their pretzels and have a few beers.

While not on the menu that night, rest assured they do have a mighty fine Bavarian Pretzel. This appetizer comes with two warm pretzels from Fressen Bakery (a popular bakery for pretzels in Portland), served with Dry Stout mustard (delicious and slightly spicy), Obatzda (not so delicious), Radishes (mainly for decor) and Onions.

While the Obatzda wasn't my favorite side, it deserves some love. Obatzda is a Bavarian cheese delicacy typically served in German biergartens. Traditionally it combines aged soft cheese (Camembert or Romadur), a third of butter in addition to salt, pepper, hot paprika powder and naturally, a small amount of beer. I love cheese spreads but this spread didn't add up for my taste buds, I preferred the mustard. 

If you're dying to try this pretzel, I recommend going Sunday-Thursday from 3-6 PM and/or 9 PM to close so you can order from their Happy Hour Menu. We paid $9 per pretzels, but during Happy Hour the pretzel is only $4, quite a bargain for what you get in return.

Special thanks to all of my incredible friends for coming out to celebrate, your support for my pretzel adventures does not go unrecognized and it wouldn't have been near as much without you all there.